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A Look at the California Housing Crisis

It's no secret that the most populous state in the U.S. also has the highest housing costs. This one-hour radio documentary explores what life is like for every day people trying to make a home amidst a time of dizzying change and skyrocketing housing costs. From residents, politicians, writers, immigrants, ranchers, scholars, and soccer moms on California's Central Coast, we hear what happens to a community when few can afford to live there. How California solves its housing crisis is a harbinger for how the rest of the nation approaches that most basic of needs; a roof over one's head. The show weaves personal narratives, music, analysis, and lots of sound into a story that is part love-song to California, part snapshot of an era, and part plea for solutions.

(Length: 59 minutes, with 1 minute, mid-show music break. Plus 3, promos)

$15 for a CD or cassette
$10 for a full printed transcript

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